Butterfly Valve Offset Disc

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Butterfly Valve Offset Disc in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We are manufacturing the best quality products with the use of qualified raw materials and latest technologies. We Offset Disc Butterfly Valves range in size from 3 “(80NB) to 48” (1200NB) with a choice of body, disc and seat materials. Double-offset butterfly valves, also known as high-performance butterfly valves, are mounted on the back of the stem and stem seat seal band, slightly offset from the pipe centerline.

The seat has a narrow elastic band that is tight to the body and should be flexible. PTFE or Rubber is flexible enough to seal, and only wipes the seat for a few degrees of travel while the disc is seated. The metal seated butterfly valve allows operation up to 1200F. Since the disc is offset from the shaft, there is a lot of metal in the wide-open flow, and the dual-offset valves have a slightly lower maximum capacity than the flat-disc, non-offset valves.

In systems designed for one-way flow the butterfly valve can be used at two-way pressure difference to prevent backflow. Wafer bonded / renewable seat butterfly valve requires no gasket to mount between the two edges. We are available with a wide range of rubber seats suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Wafer butterfly valves are also known as center disc butterfly valve or slim seal design butterfly valve.

The flow control butterfly valve can also be used for flow control application or shutdown purpose. We manufacture and export Butterfly Valve from 2”(50NB) to 24” (600NB) with various custom body, disc and seat materials. The butterfly valve body often uses cast iron or cast steel because it does not come into direct contact with the flow media. Our Design is in accordance with PS5155 & API 609 and Test Standard PS6755 & API 598. We are providing the best quality products at the best price in the market.


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