Ball valve manufacturer

Fiksar Ball Valve

Fiksar Valve Manufacturing Company established in 1994 has turned itself with the latest technologies and is engaged in manufacturing and export variety of valves in India & Abroad. We have the reputation of being the best industrial valves manufacturer and supplier of all types of valves including butterfly valves, globe valves, ball valves, plug valve and other types of valves. We provide a wide variety of high quality Stainless Steel Industrial Ball valves to our customers. Ball valve is a device with a spherical closing unit that provide on/off control of flow. Our service is founded on the principle of supply customized valve design and manufacture as per the  demands of our clients. The purpose of ball valves is to regulate fluid flow. We offer consultative and engineer-to-engineer support to achieve client satisfaction. We offer top performance for industrial operations and our best quality Ball Valves are long-lasting. We have included security features along with smooth operation in our Ball Valve. We as fiksar valve and Equipments know that providing cost-effective and reliable Ball Valve to our clients is the cause for their survival and growth. We are highly successful because we have fully focused on the client satisfaction. We work with honesty and fairness so that we can build strong business relationships and faith with our clients.

Other available options for ball valve

  1. Alternate trim materials
  2. Stem extension
  3. Flush bottom valve
  4. Chain wheel, Gear, Electrical & Pneumatic actuator

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